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>>> The Secure Solution for todays PC and PC-Network environment.


HDD-SHERIFF is an internal PCI card for PC's, an external parallel / USB device or software only for PC's or notebooks. HDD-SHERIFF will protect the configuration and valuable files on your hard disk from damage also preventing corruption due to more destructive virus attacks.

(The parallel port version is only used for initial installation. Therafter, it is removed and stored in a safe place.)

How does it work?

HDD-SHERIFF locks the C: drive, preventing changes being made to it. HDD-SHERIFF installs its own area on your hard disk which is then used during operation to store any changes that might be made to any software and settings.

Protection for up to 8 hard drive partitions

When you re-start or re-boot your system the HDD-SHERIFF recovers your protected drive configuration within a split second, simply ignoring any changes made to the C: drive.

The installation can be completed within 2-5 minutes and requires only a small amount of the available hard drive space.  HDD-SHERIFF can be installed in an existing configuration, it can also split your existing C: only configuration into a up to 4 partitions without destroying current data.

HDD-SHERIFF has 3 available modes to choose from:

Protection mode (Auto Recovery)

Automatic system restoration with each restart.

Through a simple restart, any changes made will be removed and the PC is set back to your desired, stable, running configuration.

Protection Mode (Manual Recovery)

System restoration point determined by the user.

In this mode, users, administrators, teachers can carefree test software, shareware, test updates, even overwrite or delete files. You define the time you want to either reset the system to its original state or accept this newly created configuration. The supervisor password is required to accept the new configuration. Additionally, on the external and software only versions, we have integrated a time control function. This function allows the administrator to selected a specific time-frame where the PC accepts all changes and manipulation. When the time-frame expires, the PC will be automatically reset to the defined original configuration and all changes will be removed.

Supervisor Mode (For the day or One time)

(sometimes referred to as "Administrator Mode")

This password protected Supervisor mode leaves your PC unprotected and available to accept changes. In this mode all changes made are accepted as with a PC without an installed HDD-Sheriff.

Both of these modes can be used in connection with minor configuration changes or program installations.

Additional features and functions of HDD-Sheriff

. Integrated Boot Manager for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP

. PCI, External and USB solution includes additional protection for up to 8 partitions and 10 different user specific configurations.

Note:The software only solution protects up to 4 partitions ie: Drive C:, D:

All of these features combined, save valuable time, currently spent doing administrative tasks .

HDD-Sheriff Overview

- Auto Recovery and Manual Recovery Mode

- integrated Bootmanager for WIN95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP

- Hardware Solution PCI / External: Protects and manages up to 8 Partitions or hard drives.

- Software Solution: Protection designed for the information / program installations on drive C: or 4 partitions.

- Administrator Console "HDD-Sheriff Remote":  for easy Administration overyour existing network

- Integrated user management

- Time controlled functionality for Manual Recovery Mode.


PCI Karte
PCI card
  HDD-SHERIFF External
For Notebooks and mobile workstations
die CD




System requirements:  Win98/Me/NT4/2000/XP(r)

The Secure Software solution for PC's and Notebooks

In order to take advantage of the included Administration Console you will need an active and configured TCP/IP Network.

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