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If teamspace convinced you and you want to share your experience with others, use the new partner-/ salespartner-/ and customer program and profit from its potential.

National Partners and Support Centres

National partners are official, exclusive teamspace representatives in specific countries. Support, sales and marketing are managed individually for each country and implemented by our local partners.

Start today!

  We are looking for competent, motivated national partners for various countries who
  • wish to independently represent and support teamspace on a national basis.
  • wish to conduct their own marketing activities in cooperation with a professional team.
  • are familiar with the local situation and wish to do sustainable business with satisfied customers.

You fulfil the following conditions:

  • You are familiar with teamspace as a user and you have a good general understanding of groupware and IT.
  • You have excellent language skills in your national language and in English, both written and oral.
  • You have suitable technical and personnel infrastructures (employees, telephone, fax, PC, Internet, website).
  • You are prepared to provide a customer hotline service during the customary business hours in your country.
  • Your employees would like to be trained to act as teamspace consultants.

If you qualify, we offer:

  • The complete teamspace system installed on Internet servers for your national domain. All technical components will be provided by 5 POINT AG.
  • High signing commissions and monthly support commissions for the full duration of your customer contracts.
  • Exclusive national representation of teamspace with automatic assignment to your customer base when your support region is selected, without any need to enter a partner code.
  • Professional administration programme with statistics and overviews of your invoices, sales revenue and teams.
  • Individual support and instruction/training courses.
  • Marketing materials and various forms of strategic and marketing support.

If you are convinced that you want to represent teamspace professionally in your country, we look forward to receiving your application. In this case, please request full information on the partner programme via
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