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If teamspace convinced you and you want to share your experience with others, use the new partner-/ salespartner-/ and customer program and profit from its potential.

Sales Partners

Besides our national partners, our regional and supraregional sales partners provide competent, personalized support to teamspace users. Sales partners are independent of regional restrictions, and they develop their own user and customer bases. They are assigned using partner codes that must be stated when a teamspace team is established .

Start today!

  We are looking for competent, committed sales partners that identify with teamspace and wish to realize good, sustainable business. As a teamspace sales partner, you receive a partner code that must be entered when a team is founded. From this time onward, you receive licence fees for all teams that use your code. To make things easier, you also receive a website with this code is entered. This means that you earn money automatically each time a new team is founded via this site. Alternatively, you can integrated the HTML code into your existing site to operate your own business on the Internet.

Recommendations for qualification as a sales partner:

  • You have a strong link to the IT industry and use the Internet regularly.
  • You would like to expand your business in a new area and enlarge your customer base and product line at the same time.
  • You need an innovative product as a ‘door opener’ for acquiring new customers.
  • • Or you are on the verge of developing successful career in the IT industry and you want to get your new career off to a good start and build up a customer base with a proven product.

If you qualify, we offer:

  • High signing commissions and monthly sales commissions for the full duration of your customer contracts.
  • A website with its own virtual Internet business.
  • Your own partner code to be entered when a team is founded outside your website.
  • Administrative access for managing your customer data and commission payments.
  • Individual support and training courses.
  • A welcome package with marketing material.
  • A teamspace for your own use at no charge for the duration of the partnership.

You can use these services whenever you wish in return for a modest annual processing fee. We would be pleased to inform you, at no personal obligation, about the specific subsequent steps and help you plan your best moves for becoming a successful teamspace sales partner. Start now by requesting full information on our reseller program via
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